i was the one who dragged you thousand miles away and back in a blink | i left you sitting around alone in your head with nothing to think | i've seen you desperate, i felt your anger the same time you couldn't believe anyone could feel the same way, i felt your fear | can you see me still, or you just expect me to be standing still right there - where you left me? | oh please, make me change - i've heard you beg, but i can't take this back | i can't take you back | i've seen you starring at me, but you couldn't see a thing - because you never got close enough to me | i watched you melting sun and hiding in sunday skies | i watched you pushing harder, ive seen you falling under weight of your fantasies | i watched them carrying you back home and been waiting there without saying a thing | i watched you smashing the doors, i've seen you hitting the floor - erasing, ignoring, refusing | i've heard all your stories and now i watch you wondering if this is one of them, if i am one of them | i am your violence, i am your fear and your frightened deathwish | i am your will to conquer and your will to love | no living man can keep a secret which a dead man may have already told me


from concrete & glass, released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


shallov Bratislava, Slovakia

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