i beg you cold wind to address my apology to the place where they wait for me, to the land on which i have died, and tell them that i will elsewhere never live again | and forgive me for i won't return but i became a stranger to my once so called home and strangers have to be left alone and promise me you will never try to look a stranger in the eye | and it seems like these steps i take i already remember as if everything i pass by i've already left behind | as one with my heartbeat i swing, acting surprised like that morning about myself | if this is there supposed to be my last night i swear there i'll be until mornings dawn with my eyes closed, i'll swallow every single word i know | and when the last moment is gone i'll stop a step far from eternity | and in a hindsight revive me in every world we ever lived | and in the last step replace all of my words with pure silence and let silence define me | let nothing be me | nothing is me, nothing is clarity


from concrete & glass, released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


shallov Bratislava, Slovakia

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