concrete & glass

by shallov

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released February 10, 2017

all music written and performed by shallov:
Viktor Őri (guitar, vocals), Dušan Őri (bass), Erik Bachorec (drums)

recorded by Róbert Kóňa, Lunar Studio, SK
mixed and mastered by Dexter, HU
album art by Matej Myslovič


all rights reserved



shallov Bratislava, Slovakia

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Track Name: I.
i was the one who dragged you thousand miles away and back in a blink | i left you sitting around alone in your head with nothing to think | i've seen you desperate, i felt your anger the same time you couldn't believe anyone could feel the same way, i felt your fear | can you see me still, or you just expect me to be standing still right there - where you left me? | oh please, make me change - i've heard you beg, but i can't take this back | i can't take you back | i've seen you starring at me, but you couldn't see a thing - because you never got close enough to me | i watched you melting sun and hiding in sunday skies | i watched you pushing harder, ive seen you falling under weight of your fantasies | i watched them carrying you back home and been waiting there without saying a thing | i watched you smashing the doors, i've seen you hitting the floor - erasing, ignoring, refusing | i've heard all your stories and now i watch you wondering if this is one of them, if i am one of them | i am your violence, i am your fear and your frightened deathwish | i am your will to conquer and your will to love | no living man can keep a secret which a dead man may have already told me
Track Name: II.
i beg you cold wind to address my apology to the place where they wait for me, to the land on which i have died, and tell them that i will elsewhere never live again | and forgive me for i won't return but i became a stranger to my once so called home and strangers have to be left alone and promise me you will never try to look a stranger in the eye | and it seems like these steps i take i already remember as if everything i pass by i've already left behind | as one with my heartbeat i swing, acting surprised like that morning about myself | if this is there supposed to be my last night i swear there i'll be until mornings dawn with my eyes closed, i'll swallow every single word i know | and when the last moment is gone i'll stop a step far from eternity | and in a hindsight revive me in every world we ever lived | and in the last step replace all of my words with pure silence and let silence define me | let nothing be me | nothing is me, nothing is clarity
Track Name: III.
we rejected our crazy dreams then, furious broken-hearted, but in their wake every other scheme seemed so lackluster, every other hope half-hearted, and so one by one we returned to burn and sore - we returned to burn and sore again | when the warmth is gone, all you dream of is some sleep | when we find no home, we make home from these streets | i never thought i'd feel so alone in such a crowded room, i never thought i'd feel so crowded when i'm alone | and all these blinding streetlights are making me dreamless, as i'm becoming one with concrete and glass, i am fearless | and with my fears i disappear | i'm loosing myself, for a moment of silence i'd give it all, as i drown in liquor | and as all the colors fade to grey, i paint myself black, because i choose to be no one rather than someone else | i chose to be no one rather than anyone else | as i'm trying to forget i find myself in the most passionate dance, hand in hand with the memory of myself | and i dance down the street, knocking on the doors | to find a warm bed to sleep, while my home doesn't seem to know me | my home doesn't seem to know me anymore
Track Name: IV.
we shall love all those smoked-grey skies, and love all those star drawn pictures | and raise our sight high to reach them, let our hearts forget our home - dead battlefields | cause i feel that soon were over, our end is nigh | and in all its beauty we're blessed to witness our thrive in a great downfall - we burn alive | and i swear my friend that we're not brought here to suffer, and all your pain once will be over | so kiss these life-drawn scars and look straight in her deep blue eyes | raise your voice above the sorrow and leave this world to die tomorrow | let's admire the worn hands of the old and leave our shoulders for the heads of the youth | and live - lie, rob and kill

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