no place for two

by shallov

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released April 14, 2014



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shallov Bratislava, Slovakia

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Track Name: isolation/starvation
as if our mouths carried sun burnt tongues
we make our skin thick as a concrete wall
and cold as a thousand year silence
everlasting, wouldn't we wish to break
or are we already broken
thousand words could never explain
a paper wont ever cut as deep as a pen

why am i supposed to feel this way again
i know we're different but do i have to feel so much foreign
how far is the spottless innocence gone
it may be ages but i feel somehow that we were...
once we were one

all these city street, fallen leaves and prospectless sights
all these memories, melodies and missing parts
every swalloved word and every single misguided thought
all these paper flicks, wasted ink and desperate shouts

its a mosaic, a picture of an endless, immortal, invincible
only mind
Track Name: pygmalion
what are hours and days and years compared to eternity
what are steps and walks and miles compared to infinity
what are words and smiles and laughs compared to freezing emptiness that lasts
what are those memories worth when only a loan of thousand words remains and a fading past
because there is only a third of you and not an i at all in us.

in the coldest night, in the light of the moon
the warmth of the candles, empty room,
naked, only wraped by the silence, imagining your voice,
isolation, violence,
twisting smoke, dialogues,
shaking legs, open wounds.
where noone can see me, if you only could
pull a few words from me
i'd be fine
its killing me to realizethat i was the one who really made you

and it was my fault - begging you to listen
it was my failure - begging you to speak
it was my fault - begging you to stay
it was my failure - begging you at all
it was my fault - passion in time
in every second in which you were mine
it was my fault i tryied to change
for the better, but i'm still being the same
it was all my fault - passion in every word
every day, every night, you were mine
and it was my fault i tried to change
for the better, for you,
because there is no good and bad in the end

should we sail so shallow
or should we love
should we sail so shallow
or shall we love honestly, till the end
Track Name: we burned
breathe in deeply
and sink to where
we're together
to the sorrow filthed waters
where our screams all astray
and our eyes are forced to be shut
we force. we fear. we drown on our own

what we soaked in is now what we're made of
ashamed of ourselves much more than of death we fear to live
we're afraid to feel, afraid to change
afraid of sun warmth while all our dream is regret
we're afraid of light because we're afraid of being judged
afraid of a trammel in a cage we lock
Track Name: vice versa
and the onlyone, who could save you,
is the one, who you have to be, saved from -
it's noone else but you on your own

have you ever felt like you gave everything
and it's all being lost in just a single breath
and there is nothing but silence left in your head.
tonight you can free yourself, theres nothing left

you're playing a game of russian roulette,
the gun is loaded with five bullets
your hand is trembling while you're putting your fingers on the triger
you put your life in the fragile hands of the fortune, it's all or nothing
tonight you're the victim of your thoughts, tonight you're the killer of your hopes
Track Name: letter left
and i wonder if you ever lost your breath while thinking about the stories we
used to write together in the nights we wished to freeze into, hoping it'd stay forever
because in my mind buried under the weight of life there is a chapter written
in ink that ran out already

do you remember
minutes after midnight in the backyard of your flathouse
hours spent sitting on the shore watching sunrise
and it's gone
we are gone

a liquid voice leading me throught my darkest fear
past fading out so fast yet future so clear
i keep this picture you gave me never minding if it's real
in a loving memory of what could have been

love is four letters
for every season one

light obsession violence everlasting
Track Name: in their wake
to fight for what what we stand for
to stand for who we are
we are weak
we're absorbing regret and make it our overcast
we are weak
our home is a prison we're ramming nails in our own casket

worthless hopeless at least we feel comfortable
in this unique form of mess we made of ourselves
we are broken we can't fill the loss
we wonder how much can happiness cost
we built our dreams in a naive childish thought
and burned them all in so-called adulthood

we rejected our crazy dreams then furious broken-hearted
but in their wake all other schemes seemed lackluster all hopes half-hearted
and one by one we returned to soar and burn again